About me…

You can call me Anggi, I’m from West Sumatera, Payakumbuh City.

I was a student at Accounting Department, Economic and Business Faculty, Gadjah Mada University, and I graduated at there in  November 2011. Now, I’m an employee in Pertamina, the only one of National Oil Company in Indonesia.

If I grow up later, I want to be an economy minister, I want to fix the economy of Indonesia, I want to break out the poverty in this my beloved country. So, start from now, I study hardly, to achieve the dream. I believe that is not easy to get it, but I will try, like Mario Teguh said that as a people, our task is to try because every time you try means has opened opportunities for success. “Allah follow his servant’s prejudice,” I believe if Allah will give the best for me, I’ll try, man jada wa jada.

I’m a kind people, diligent saving, and not arrogant :-). I like travelling. I have been to some city in Indonesia such as  Makassar, Jember, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Pekanbaru, Medan, Magelang, and absolutely Yogyakarta, my home town Padang and Payakumbuh, and Balikpapan is the city I’m staying now. May be, I will visit the other city which the unit of Pertamina.

The last, If there are 100 people who changed this country I hope I am one of them, If there were only 10 people who are willing to make changes, I’m part of the chosen but if there’s only one person who is willing to become agents of change that, I hope I’m the one that one.

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  1. hadhci says:


    keep blogging bos
    Blogging Niatkan Ibadah
    Beribadah Niatkan Ikhlas

    itulah BNI-Syariah =D

  2. Assalamualaikum Uda Anggi! theme blognya sama persis, boleh diganti nda biar beda sama punya ambo?

    -Salam Perantauan-

  3. reza aprilda says:

    Assalam,, Salam kenal ya sesamo parantauan,,
    tulisan yang bagus 🙂

  4. aqied says:

    employer ato employee anggii?
    hehe, saya berkunjung yaa. ceritanya seru2 jg ternyata

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