Dear My Blog, Long Time Not To See You

Posted: October 31, 2013 in curcol abiss :D, English

Dear My Blog..

Long time not to see you..hehehe. yeahh, it’s long time ago, I didn’t touch my blog. It’s often happen, I have an idea, wanna write it. But, always there is a problem to realize writing it. Even writing in bahasa, not only there is no time, but also there is passion to do it. Then, disaster what happen to me, it also become the reason why I didn’t writing in my blog. Have you know? My house was stold by some one in the end of September ago. My TV, my note book, and also PS that’s belong to my friend dissapeared too. Oh My God..I was so sad at that time, n really-really shocked me. How come they entered to my house? I didn’n know, my key wasn’t broken. I just be patient, ikhlas it. I believe that every thing has “hikmah”. I just ikhlas, there is no what I can do. And I did’n report to police also, because in my mind it will be add the problem..yaaa, the awful word, just ikhlas n believe if Allah will change with better one. And also may be it become remind me about my amal n my sedekah. There is a possiblity if it still little. How ever, I didn’t tell about this to my family, because my parents was doing Hajj at that time. I worried if it would disturb their “ibadah”. I just entrust my pray to them.

Ok.bismillah, I have bought a new note book. Hopefully it will be usefull for me to do all of my activity, including posting on this blog.

Fighting for blogging!! hehe 😀

  1. Sekalinya apdet langsung banyak, beuh 😀

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