Come back again for Blogging..:D

Posted: May 25, 2012 in curcol abiss :D, English

Dear my blog..
It has been more a month, I haven’t posted anything here. Now, I’m starting again, yeaahh..:D.
Because of my new environment, make me stopping for a while to on air at this blog. You have a question may be. What I’m doing now? Or where is my location now?
As if you know that three months ago, I was still in Jakarta, doing my training as a new employee at Pertamina. What I did there was class room training. Then, after passing that, the next training is on the job training. And now, I’m doing my OJT in Semarang, Marketing and  Trading Jateng DIY Region.
Actually, there are lot stories that wanna tell to you. Hopefully someday I can do it.
Ok, just it, a simple post..Just wanna show that I’m still exist in blogging world…:D

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