Vocabularies and Idioms

Posted: March 28, 2012 in English
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1. From the groun-up : sejak awal
2. Let me give you a little heads-up : biarkan ak jelas sesuatu kepadamu
3. They smoked me everytime : mereka selalu mengalahkanmu
4. I thought this is a dogfight : ku kira Cuma latihan
5. The man of the hour : mr. tepat waktu.
6. Abolish (V) : meniadakan
7. Abort (V) : menggagalkan
8. Absurd (adj) : tidak masuk akal
9. Affiliate (v) : bergabung
10. Bothersome (adj): mengganggu
11. Breakthrough (n): terobosan
12. Chicanery (n): penipuan
13. Chide (v): mencela
14. Compile (v): menyusun
15. Concede (v): mengijinkan

*references: Male Dorm JED

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