An Ispiration About Leadership

Posted: March 22, 2012 in English
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Leader is not a profession, but a role and the quality of one’s personal. A leader thinks how to manage and carry off the change. He realized that in order not to be rolled by the changes he must have a clear vision and buy in by its followers to be become a common vision (shared-vision). With a clear vision making the leader must know what to do and how to manage existing resources to achieve the vision.  A leader has an oriented future in an entirely different place. He dares to dream through the boundaries of reality, because he realized that to create a future is his duty as a true leader. Dreaming is the competency that must be possessed by a leader.


A true leader: istiqamah, consistent, and presisten with his vision. There is no a compromise, reluctantly to be offered. However, he is innovative and daring to take risks in that way. There is tremendous flexibility in finding solutions. There is a belief that does not mean that leaders must not fail, but should see results as a learning, as a signal the need to change the strategy. When the true leader stumbles down barriers, he will not compromise to change the standard, but that he will change the strategy.

Leaders think about solutions, not problems. So, there’s just action, action, and action. True leaders stand at the line when facing dangers and difficulties whack. He is the first to feel the pain, even if it is a destiny for his people. But he will stand at the end of the line at tasting pleasure. He is the last to eat after making sure his followers have been filled. A true leader, he attributes the failure of the organization as aweakness and folly, on the contrary he presented the succes of the organization as a result of the hard work of his followers.

Inspirated by Orange House-PPSDMS (Program Pembinaan Sumber Manusia Strategis)

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