Why Are Cat and Mouse Feuding Each Other?

Posted: March 20, 2012 in English


Once upon time, there was a cat in a village. The cat had good friends, his name was mouse. Every day, they were working together to get food. Although, their food is different, but they were in help each other to get the food. The cat ate meat, fish, and other life creator. In the other hand, mouse ate cheese, soup, etc. They enjoyed their life very much.

Then, the time came, the village got a famine. The citizents were lack food and drink. Same condition with cat and mouse, The cat didn’t eat for a week. He was very hungry at that time. He saw to mouse sleeping in his room. The cat imagined that a delicious meat in front of him. The cat couldn’t restrain his appetite to eat anymore. He was relly really hungry. Step by step, he made close to the mouse, ready to eat the mouse. One second before eating, the mouse got up. He was  so surprise when saw the cat.

“what’s the hell going on, Bro?”, the mouse asked. The cat confused, “What should I do?”, he said in his heart. Finally, the cat did what he wanted to do, he ate his best friend since long time ago. The mouse died, but before he died, he said that this friendship was over.

Do you know? Because of hungry, the good friendship could be over, like the cat and the mouse. So that’s why, until now, the cat and the mouse always at enmity each other.


  1. anggiawan23 says:

    stupid story when I’m boring in this class room

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