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Learning from an Eagle

Posted: January 14, 2012 in English
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You know? Eagle is one of animal which can life in long life in the world. An eagle can be alive until 70th years old. But, to achive this age, an eagle must pass a painingful moment for 150 days. It should be sacrifice to do a tranformation to get a new life.

When an eagle is 40th years old, its nails aren’t sharp anymore. This condition makes it difficult to pounce on its prey. At the same time, its mouth has been blunt which make it difficult to eat its food. Then, its feather in its wings is much more than before that makes it difficult to fly. There are only two choices for it, dead because hungry or alive but have to pass a morta physical pain for 150 days.

What will it do for alive? The eagle will go to the top of mountain, and lives there for 150 days, start to change. First, the eagle must strike hard its mouth to the rock until its old mouth broken. Then, it has to wait its new mouth growth again. The second process, the eagle will break its talon and wait again for the new talons. Then, in the last process, the eagle will tear off its feather one by one, and this process is the most painful. These are the process which must be done by an eagle for 5 months. How ever, because of these processes an eagle can be alive for 30 years more.

Actually, when decide to change, we should pass a painful process, and we have to survive and believe with the deciation. An eagle should pass 5 months to change and believe me, it is not easy. Same condition in our life, some time we should decide to do some thing bad as a price that we should pay for a better thing in the future. There is no change easy, face it, surviving, and be patient to get something better in the future.

Inspired from “Champion” by Darmawangsa