Youths, The Agents of Change

Posted: October 28, 2011 in English
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History has proven, various changes in order to achieve the nation’s progress starts from youths. “Youth Pledge” shows us about the role of youths in nation building while the seconds to achieve independence of our country.  Not stopping at Youth Pledge, in the next decades , youths always proved  that they are ultimately responsible for the changes that occur in this country. The event of “Rengas Dengklok” is one of the determinants and the triggers to achieve independent for this country. Tri Tura in 1966 until the reformation time in 1998 become as a witness to the history of how the youths  play a big role in anychanges in this country.

However, sometimes this heart is so sad when we saw the young generation of today. There are a lot of youths in this country who may have intellectual and adequate facilities than previous generations. However, look at what they do in most of their daily activities. There are a lot of youths who do kongko-kongko without a clear destination, spending time by playing game, or  do dugeman in discotheques. In the other hand, they are a potential asset of the nation, a generation who will replace the leaders of nations who would soon be going one by one. If the generation who will replace them and they have a bad character such as useless activity, would carry around the fate of this nation?

It is ironic, when we try to compare the first generation by all their contributions to the younger generation today. First generation, by all their limitations are able to do more for this nation as evidenced through a variety of momentum for changing in this country. In the contrary to the current generation, by all the amenities and technological advances have made them become slepping, busy with various activities which are not value-added for them and do not give a positive effect to develop this nation.

It’s fitting for the current youths to consider and evaluate what is happened today. There are so many problems and disasters that befall to this country, would we still, to receive all events with resignation and despair? The youths shold be responsible about that, because if not the young man, so  who will change it? Who else could be hoped? It is impossible if improvement and development in this country could do well if the youths’s behavior are not good, often to waste their time with useless activities.

It’s very difficult if the development of this country should wait for the older generation to be the main perpetrators. Conversely, what happens is a kind of the stagnation of nation development. The youths should take over the position to develop this country. Because the youths whose mind is still clear to make changes, the youths who still have to advance the nation’s high ideals, and the youths who most be able to answer the challenging and changing times. By all their strengths, so of course, a sustainable development will belongs to the youths generation.

Youths are the agents of change. It is time for current youths realize that they are genuinely responsible for improvement in this country. It is time for current youths coonsider that they must move, appearing as a spearhead forward, make changes to this country. For the sake of our expectations, expectations of Indonesian society, for the formation of a better future of Indonesia.


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