My Undergraduate Thesis Abstract

Posted: October 27, 2011 in English




World economy was agaian startled by the shocks of global economic crisis of 2008. Indonesia’s economy was hit by this crisis. This phenomenan was demonstrated by the sky rocketing value of rupiah to Rp 12.650 per U.S dollar, the rate of inflation touching 12,56%, and stock exchange index slid to 10,38% or touching 1,451.7, making the exchange autority to suspend the trading securities and derivaties for two days. However, amid the shock of this crisis, Sharia Banking showed positive indication. The distribution of financing by Sharia Banking continued to increase and the addition of branch office in the post period of the crisis. The phenomenon of Sharia Banking  industry that relatively stable has become the main background of the authors conducted this research, to prove empirically that there is no difference in the performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia before and after the global economic crisis of 2008.

In this research, the performance of Sharia Banks is measured by Islamicity Performance Index. Financial ratios of Islamicity Performance Index used in this research are profit sharing ratio, zakat performance ratio, equitable distribution ratio, directors-employees welfare ratio, and Islamic income vs non Islamic income ratio. Source data used are the financial statements of Bank Muamalat Indonesia and Bank Syariah Mandiri in 2006-2007 for the before crisis period and in 2009-2010 for the after crisis period. To test the hypothesises using non parametric test, Mann Whitney for two independent test.

The results showed that there is no significant difference in performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia before and after the global economic crisis of 2008 as measured by Islamicity Performance Index.  This result indicates that the global economic crisis that rocked the world economy in 2008 did ont give significant effect on decreasing the performance of Sharia Banks in Indonesia.


Key words: the global crisis economic of 2008, performance measurement, sharia bank, Islamicity Performance Index

  1. srikumala says:

    Mas, maaf sebelumnya boleh nanyak mengenai islamicity performane index? Mas dpt teorinya dr mana?

    • anggiawan23 says:

      teori islamicity performance index ini saya peroleh dari paper berikut: Hameed, Shahlul, et al. (2004). Alternative Disclosure dan Performance for Islamic Bank’s. Proceeding of The Second Conference on Administrative Science: Challenges of The Globalization Age. Dahran, Saudi Arabia.

      • srikumala says:

        Ini mas penelitiannya pake alat uji statistik apa? Ini penelitian deskriptif ya mas?

      • anggiawan23 says:

        penelitiannya menggunakan uji beda non-parametrik yaitu memakai mann-whitney for two independent test. Iya, jenis penelitian deskriptif

      • srikumala says:

        Tapi dosen pembimbingku menyarankan kalo ak pake uji manova,
        Sampelku pake BUS dan BPRS yg diukur itu kinerja dr kedua bank tsb menggunakan islamicity performance index, menurut mas gmn?

      • anggiawan23 says:

        Wahh, udah lama gak liat2 statistik ini? uji manova itu salah satu bentuk uji beda jg kah?
        Sebaiknya mengikuti saran dosen pembimbing aja, demikian lebih baik dan bimbingan nya lebih optimal kedepannya..

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