“Indonesian Teaching” Program to Increase Educational Quality in Isolated Regions

Posted: October 4, 2011 in English
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Actually, there are a lot of education problems of Indonesia. Such as unsupported facilities to make good education, the low of teachers’ welfare, the low character of the students, the school fee that so expensive, the problem of educational institution, yet the prevalence of a decent education for all regions in Indonesia, bad quality of the teachers, etc. But, in my opinion the last two problems above are the main problems among the other problems. So, at this time, we only talk about those problems. Actually, the other problems are also important to solve. But, because the limit of time so I just discuss about these; yet the prevalence of a decent education for all regions in Indonesia and bad quality of the teachers.

Our beloved country, Indonesia, is range from Sabang until Merauke. There are thousands small islands and there are five the biggest islands; Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. Actually, for all of items, it should prevalence for all regions. But, in fact, it is centralized in Java Island. Including our educational quality and also the quality of the teachers aren’t prevalent for all regions of Indonesia. We just find good school, good college, good facilities, and also for the good teachers in Java Island. If in Java there are so many schools with many students and the teachers are excess. We will find a different condition in the isolated region, such as Bengkalis (Riau), Tulang  Bawang Barat (Lampung), Majene (Sulawesi Selatan), Sangihe Islands (Sulawesi Utara), Rote Ndao (NTT), Fakfak (Papua), etc. At those regions, we will find low quality of the teachers and also minimize educational facilities. How poor the children are over there! They should get same condition with the children in Java, because education is a right for them. May be, in those isolated regions, there are so many children who have good potential. But, because the limit of facilities and teachers, their potencies are undeveloped.

I think “Indonesia Teaching” is made by Anies Baswedan will be able to one of solution to fix this condition. Indonesia has a lot of teachers in big cities, but not in isolated regions. So, the solution is by delivering the good teachers to there. In Indonesia Teaching program, the best young people from the best university who qualified with this program (called with Young Teacher) will deliver to isolated regions. They live alone there, become a teacher there, and also should socialize with the people over there to develop the region, implementing their knowledge there. The Young Teacher should qualify with some standards. They are not usually undergraduate person. They should have good GPA (at least 3.00), have an experience in organization and become leader over there, think maturity, and capable in teaching. Become a Young Teacher is not easy; they should pass some selection steps, such as administration selection, teaching assessment, leading assessment, and interview test.

Finally, we will find some young person who ready to deliver to isolated regions to develop that area, especially for its educational quality. They will fill the shortage of the teacher and inspire the society over there. The Young Teacher will be there for one year, and after that will be continued by the next of Young Teacher.

This program will be running for five years. So, the isolated regions will have developed in the quality of its education. We can predict, in the future, when all of isolated regions of Indonesia have been come by The Young Teacher, the quality of education will prevalence for all area of Indonesia. It will increase Indonesia’s Education quality. That’s why, Indonesia will be better, because educational quality is one of the requisite to be better.

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