Talk About Love

Posted: October 2, 2011 in English
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If in this world there is no love, then life will be felt barren, empty and no dynamics. Love can make something heavy to light, which is difficult to be simple, hostility to peace, and far to be close. Those are the picture of the power of love.

 What is love? Actually, love can’t be defined by words. Humans can only understand by experiencing and feeling. A power of love can open the closed, turning the dark into the light, dislike into like, sad to be happy, and even can change devil to be angel.

 Love is always very interesting to discuss. Because why? Because its power, the power of love. Plato, one of the famous philosophy, he said, “Who is not moved by love, means to walk in darkness”. This statement shows us if love is very important according to Plato, even Plato said that someone who don’t interesting to discuss it, he/she is walking to darkness.

 In this chance, I will not discuss with you  about the definition of love. I worry if it will decrease the meaning of that love. Let’s love just be felt by the people who are falling in love. But we will discuss about the element of love.

 Erich Fromm, one of scientist in psychology, he said that there are four elements of love:

1. Care

You should give more attention and care with the object who you love. You must love yourself, so you will care with your body, if you are sick, you will go to hospital to treat it. You always take a shower every day to keep cleaning of your body. Same condition with the other object, if you love your parents, so you should care with them, care about their health, how are their feeling. So, you can  do something that make their happy.

2. Responsibility

Love must creates a responsibility to  the object that be loved. If you love your job, so you should do the best to your company. You will not go home before your job hasn’t finished in your office. Because of love, a mother can’t sleep while her daughter hasn’t come back. If you grow up and become parents later, you should responsible with your children, about their education, their wealth, even responsible to look for a partner for their life. If you love them, you should responsible about those.

 3.    Respect

 Love must create respect with the beloved object. If you love someone, you should accept what is the attitude of him/her. In the other side, you also should hear seriously when he/she talks, helps when he/she needs you. Every time when he/she misses you, when she/he needs you, you will come to her/him, and you’ll be there for her/him. It shows that you respects to her/him, make sure him/her  that you do love to him/her.

 4. Knowledge

 When you love someone or something, you should know them so well. Because after that you will do understand with them and do something that make them happy.  How come you will do love someone, in the other hand you don’t know even what their like and dislike, their excess and shortcoming. So before married you should know and understand very well about your couple. When you do understand and know so well, it will make you love her/him more and more, make you sure if he/she is really your life partner. If you love someone, before say I love you, please you should know everything about her/him, because understanding actually will show your love.

That’s all, if you want to success in your love, you must have all of these elements in your love. Last, I wanna say to you that the truly of  love is when you do love your God, when you do what God say to us and left what God disallowance. You will enjoy your life when you love your God, because in the same time God is loves you. When you come to God by walking, God will come to you by running. God will give you when you ask Him. Actually, God does love his creation as long as you always become good human, do activity that be loved by our God.

Love is the most beautiful word in the world.


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