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Youths, The Agents of Change

Posted: October 28, 2011 in English
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History has proven, various¬†changes in order¬†to achieve¬†the nation‚Äôs progress¬†starts from¬†youths.¬†‚ÄúYouth Pledge‚Ä̬†shows us about the role of¬†youths¬†in¬†nation¬†building¬†while¬†the seconds to¬†achieve¬†independence of our country. ¬†Not stopping¬†at¬†Youth Pledge, in¬†the next decades¬†, youths¬†always¬†proved ¬†that they are¬†ultimately responsible for the¬†changes that¬†occur¬†in this country.¬†The event of ‚ÄúRengas¬†Dengklok‚ÄĚ is¬†one of the determinants and¬†the triggers¬†to achieve independent for this country.¬†Tri¬†Tura¬†in 1966 until¬†the¬†reformation time in 1998¬†become as a¬†witness to the history of how the youths ¬†play a big role in¬†anychanges¬†in¬†this country.

However, sometimes this heart is so sad when we saw the young generation of today. There are a lot of youths in this country who may have intellectual and adequate facilities than previous generations. However, look at what they do in most of their daily activities. There are a lot of youths who do kongko-kongko without a clear destination, spending time by playing game, or  do dugeman in discotheques. In the other hand, they are a potential asset of the nation, a generation who will replace the leaders of nations who would soon be going one by one. If the generation who will replace them and they have a bad character such as useless activity, would carry around the fate of this nation?

It is ironic, when we try to compare the first generation by all their contributions to the younger generation today. First generation, by all their limitations are able to do more for this nation as evidenced through a variety of momentum for changing in this country. In the contrary to the current generation, by all the amenities and technological advances have made them become slepping, busy with various activities which are not value-added for them and do not give a positive effect to develop this nation.

It’s fitting for the current youths to consider and evaluate what is happened today.¬†There are so many problems and disasters that befall to this country, would we still, to receive all events with resignation and despair?¬†The youths shold be responsible about that, because if not the young man, so ¬†who will change it? Who else could be hoped?¬†It is impossible if improvement and development in this country could do well if the youths’s behavior are not good, often to waste their time with useless activities.

It’s very difficult if the development of this country should wait for the older generation to be the main perpetrators.¬†Conversely, what happens is a kind of the stagnation of nation development.¬†The youths should take over the position to develop this country.¬†Because the youths whose mind is still clear to make changes, the youths who still have to advance the nation’s high ideals, and the youths who most be able to answer the challenging and changing times.¬†By all their strengths, so of course, a sustainable development will belongs to the youths generation.

Youths are the agents of change. It is time for current youths realize that they are genuinely responsible for improvement in this country. It is time for current youths coonsider that they must move, appearing as a spearhead forward, make changes to this country. For the sake of our expectations, expectations of Indonesian society, for the formation of a better future of Indonesia.


My Undergraduate Thesis Abstract

Posted: October 27, 2011 in English




World economy was agaian startled by the shocks of global economic crisis of 2008. Indonesia’s economy was hit by this crisis. This phenomenan was demonstrated by the sky rocketing value of rupiah to Rp 12.650 per U.S dollar, the rate of inflation touching 12,56%, and stock exchange index slid to 10,38% or touching 1,451.7, making the exchange autority to suspend the trading securities and derivaties for two days. However, amid the shock of this crisis, Sharia Banking showed positive indication. The distribution of financing by Sharia Banking continued to increase and the addition of branch office in the post period of the crisis. The phenomenon of Sharia Banking  industry that relatively stable has become the main background of the authors conducted this research, to prove empirically that there is no difference in the performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia before and after the global economic crisis of 2008.

In this research, the performance of Sharia Banks is measured by Islamicity Performance Index. Financial ratios of Islamicity Performance Index used in this research are profit sharing ratio, zakat performance ratio, equitable distribution ratio, directors-employees welfare ratio, and Islamic income vs non Islamic income ratio. Source data used are the financial statements of Bank Muamalat Indonesia and Bank Syariah Mandiri in 2006-2007 for the before crisis period and in 2009-2010 for the after crisis period. To test the hypothesises using non parametric test, Mann Whitney for two independent test.

The results showed that there is no significant difference in performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia before and after the global economic crisis of 2008 as measured by Islamicity Performance Index.  This result indicates that the global economic crisis that rocked the world economy in 2008 did ont give significant effect on decreasing the performance of Sharia Banks in Indonesia.


Key words: the global crisis economic of 2008, performance measurement, sharia bank, Islamicity Performance Index

How to Active A Facebook Account

Posted: October 12, 2011 in English

Social networking websites have been around since the mid-90s, but in recent years, social networking has exploded across the web. Actually, there are a lot of social networking websites in the world, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flixster, etc. In the recent years, Facebook has become the most popular social network in the world. There are more than 800 million active users. Wow! It’s so fantastic, isn’t? That’s why, in this chance, we will explain to you how to active Facebook account.

You just need a little bit tools and materials to active your Facebook account. Prepare a laptop, make connection to internet, and make sure if you have already had an email account.

First step, open your laptop and turn on it. Wait in a moment until your laptop ready to use. Then, open browsing software in your laptop. Whatever is ok, such as internet explorer, modzilla, googlechrom, etc. After that, open Facebook’s websites, If you have find Facebook page, you have been ready to start to make your Facebook account.

On the right side of your screen, you will find a sign up form. Fill the form base on the guideline, your name, your email address, make your password, and last your birthday. After that, click sign up button and wait in a moment. Yeah!  You have already had a Facebook account. And next, you just fill your profile background, up load your photo as your profile picture, and invite your friend who has had a Facebook account to become your friend in Facebook.

Be active in your Facebook by update your status, up load photos, make a group, chat with your friends, and share anything in your Facebook page. Don’t forget your email address and your password. Because they are very important if want to sign in your Facebook account. Enjoy your life with Facebook. J


Posted: October 8, 2011 in English
  1. How do I look?= Bagaimana penampilanku?
  2. Do the proper thing only guys!= Bertindak yang sewajarnya saja, bung!
  3. Up your hand in your head!= Angkat kedua tanganmu!
  4. Don’t be up and down!=Jangan mondar mandir!
  5. Don’t think that way!=Jangan berpikir ke arah begituan!
  6. I do it to you.=Aku mengerjaimu ūüėÄ
  7. It is perfect.=Kebetulan sekali.
  8. It fits perfectly.=Pas banget.
  9. I’m no equal to you.=Aku gak cocok denganmu.
  10. It’s just courteous.=Ini hanya basa basi
  11. You look so important.=Lagakmu seperti orang penting saja

Actually, there are a lot of education problems of Indonesia. Such as unsupported facilities to make good education, the low of teachers’ welfare, the low character of the students, the school fee that so expensive, the problem of educational institution, yet the prevalence of a decent education for all regions in Indonesia, bad quality of the teachers, etc. But, in my opinion the last two problems above are the main problems among the other problems. So, at this time, we only talk about those problems. Actually, the other problems are also important to solve. But, because the limit of time so I just discuss about these; yet the prevalence of a decent education for all regions in Indonesia and bad quality of the teachers.

Our beloved country, Indonesia, is range from Sabang until Merauke. There are thousands small islands and there are five the biggest islands; Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. Actually, for all of items, it should prevalence for all regions. But, in fact, it is centralized in Java Island. Including our educational quality and also the quality of the teachers aren’t prevalent for all regions of Indonesia. We just find good school, good college, good facilities, and also for the good teachers in Java Island. If in Java there are so many schools with many students and the teachers are excess. We will find a different condition in the isolated region, such as Bengkalis (Riau), Tulang  Bawang Barat (Lampung), Majene (Sulawesi Selatan), Sangihe Islands (Sulawesi Utara), Rote Ndao (NTT), Fakfak (Papua), etc. At those regions, we will find low quality of the teachers and also minimize educational facilities. How poor the children are over there! They should get same condition with the children in Java, because education is a right for them. May be, in those isolated regions, there are so many children who have good potential. But, because the limit of facilities and teachers, their potencies are undeveloped.

I think ‚ÄúIndonesia Teaching‚ÄĚ is made by Anies Baswedan will be able to one of solution to fix this condition. Indonesia has a lot of teachers in big cities, but not in isolated regions. So, the solution is by delivering the good teachers to there. In Indonesia Teaching program, the best young people from the best university who qualified with this program (called with Young Teacher) will deliver to isolated regions. They live alone there, become a teacher there, and also should socialize with the people over there to develop the region, implementing their knowledge there. The Young Teacher should qualify with some standards. They are not usually undergraduate person. They should have good GPA (at least 3.00), have an experience in organization and become leader over there, think maturity, and capable in teaching. Become a Young Teacher is not easy; they should pass some selection steps, such as administration selection, teaching assessment, leading assessment, and interview test.

Finally, we will find some young person who ready to deliver to isolated regions to develop that area, especially for its educational quality. They will fill the shortage of the teacher and inspire the society over there. The Young Teacher will be there for one year, and after that will be continued by the next of Young Teacher.

This program will be running for five years. So, the isolated regions will have developed in the quality of its education. We can predict, in the future, when all of isolated regions of Indonesia have been come by The Young Teacher, the quality of education will prevalence for all area of Indonesia. It will increase Indonesia’s Education quality. That’s why, Indonesia will be better, because educational quality is one of the requisite to be better.

Talk About Love

Posted: October 2, 2011 in English
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If in this world there is no love, then life will be felt barren, empty and no dynamics. Love can make something heavy to light, which is difficult to be simple, hostility to peace, and far to be close. Those are the picture of the power of love.

 What is love? Actually, love can’t be defined by words. Humans can only understand by experiencing and feeling. A power of love can open the closed, turning the dark into the light, dislike into like, sad to be happy, and even can change devil to be angel.

¬†Love is always very interesting to discuss. Because why? Because its power, the power of love. Plato, one of the famous philosophy, he said, “Who is not¬†moved¬†by love,¬†means to walk¬†in darkness”. This statement shows us if love is very important according to Plato, even Plato said that someone who don‚Äôt interesting to discuss it, he/she is walking to darkness.

 In this chance, I will not discuss with you  about the definition of love. I worry if it will decrease the meaning of that love. Let’s love just be felt by the people who are falling in love. But we will discuss about the element of love.

 Erich Fromm, one of scientist in psychology, he said that there are four elements of love:

1. Care

You should give more attention and care with the object who you love. You must love yourself, so you will care with your body, if you are sick, you will go to hospital to treat it. You always take a shower every day to keep cleaning of your body. Same condition with the other object, if you love your parents, so you should care with them, care about their health, how are their feeling. So, you can  do something that make their happy.

2. Responsibility

Love must creates a responsibility to  the object that be loved. If you love your job, so you should do the best to your company. You will not go home before your job hasn’t finished in your office. Because of love, a mother can’t sleep while her daughter hasn’t come back. If you grow up and become parents later, you should responsible with your children, about their education, their wealth, even responsible to look for a partner for their life. If you love them, you should responsible about those.

 3.    Respect

 Love must create respect with the beloved object. If you love someone, you should accept what is the attitude of him/her. In the other side, you also should hear seriously when he/she talks, helps when he/she needs you. Every time when he/she misses you, when she/he needs you, you will come to her/him, and you’ll be there for her/him. It shows that you respects to her/him, make sure him/her  that you do love to him/her.

 4. Knowledge

 When you love someone or something, you should know them so well. Because after that you will do understand with them and do something that make them happy.  How come you will do love someone, in the other hand you don’t know even what their like and dislike, their excess and shortcoming. So before married you should know and understand very well about your couple. When you do understand and know so well, it will make you love her/him more and more, make you sure if he/she is really your life partner. If you love someone, before say I love you, please you should know everything about her/him, because understanding actually will show your love.

That’s all, if you want to success in your love, you must have all of these elements in your love. Last, I wanna say to you that the truly of  love is when you do love your God, when you do what God say to us and left what God disallowance. You will enjoy your life when you love your God, because in the same time God is loves you. When you come to God by walking, God will come to you by running. God will give you when you ask Him. Actually, God does love his creation as long as you always become good human, do activity that be loved by our God.

Love is the most beautiful word in the world.