What are Interesting with China?

Posted: August 10, 2011 in English
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            The People’s Public of China, commonly known by China, is the most populate stated in the world. China is the most population of citizens in the world. There are 1.3 billion citizens in this country. It‘s located at East Asia. China is the biggest country in East Asia and the third in the world after Canada and Russian. China is famous with The Great Wall of China and Gobi Desert, too. The Great Wall is one of world wonderful and Gobi Desert is the biggest desert in Asia. As a big country with its citizens and the area, become China as one of the strongest country in the world. Different with our country that usually blames amount of the citizens as the reason Indonesia still becomes a development country. China consider for amount of the population as one of its strength. So, we can see that China is one of the biggest countries in the world.

            What are interesting of China? There many aspects those make China different with the other countries. I will explain two of them. First, the most interesting for me is about the concern of government in fighting corruption. One time, the prime minister of this country said that he prepared a hundred coffins for the corruptors. Then, he also said that one of the coffins is for him if he corrupts later. Then, he proves his said if there are officials of government corrupt, they get dead penalty. Not only dead penalty for them, but also for their family. That’s why, this policy has decrease amount of corruptor in China. I imagine if this policy is also implemented in Indonesia so the big problem in our country today, “corruption”, will be solved soon. But, I think impossible to be implemented it for this time, because freedom paradigm and behalf human right, this policy forbidden to be implemented. Why could China implement it? The reason is because China is still as a Communist Country that implement central of policy.

            The second, something that makes me interesting from China is about the economy development. Historically, China is a communist or socialist country. There isn’t freedom for the citizens and all of the regulation from the central of government. The citizens don’t have a right to say something to government, doing political activity, etc. Because the status of this country, China follow socialist system as the system of its economy. So, China’s economy is a closed economy. The government forbids making relationship business for the other country. For several years it is good for this country. But in long time, its not good. China’s Government conscious of that they can’t refuse the globalizations era. Then, they try to modify the economy system of the country. China’s still as a Socialist or Communist Country but its economy must change. It starts about ten years ago. China starts to open his country to the other in international trading. We can see, for ten years, China shows that it’s the fastest in economy progress. Even, the increase of economy growth ever to 10%. It is very amazing. Fact, today, China is one of the fastest economy growths. It is the special one of China, the government don’t close their eyes to the change of the world. Then, they can adapt the system of the country to the condition. The people know that China is a Communist Country, but its economy actually has become a liberalism economy.

            Actually, still many things that make China become an interesting country. But, because the limited of time and this paper. I just explain about two things of China that makes this country different with the other countries.


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