My Beloved Family

Posted: August 2, 2011 in English
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Hello everybody. Let me tell to you about my family. My family is a big family. There are six people in my family, my father, my mother, my sister, two my brothers, and me. First, I will tell to you about me. As you know, my name is M Zia Anggiawan and you can call me Anggi. I’m a student at Accounting Department, Economics and Business Faculty, Gadjah Mada University. I started my status as student at UGM in 2007. I was born on September 23rd 1988, in my town, Payakumbuh City, West Sumatera Provinces. Before study at university, I was student at SMA 1 Padangpanjang, a very cold city in West Sumatera, fifty kilometers from my town. When at SMA, I live at SMA’s dormitory, so I have separated from my parents since study at SMA. Then, my junior school is MTsN Payakumbuh. It’s located four kilometers from my house. In this school I get much experience about how to organize organization, because I became vice chairman of OSIS and Pratama (chairman of scout at this school). Beside get much new knowledge and experiences at this beautiful school, I learned about love, too. For the first time, I felt in love with a beautiful girl. Then we had special relationship until three years. There isn’t the best story than love story at junior high schoolJ. Unfortunately, today, she has married and has two children. Forget the last time and start to stare the future. Now, I’m in the last semester at my college, finishing my last project and graduated my study soon. If I grow up later, I want to be an economy minister, to get fix our economy in our country to become wealth country. I think it’s enough about me for this time, next I will tell about the members of my family.

My father is a good daddy. His name is Naviardham. He was born on August 11th 1955 and he is a civil servant. So, several years to go he will be pension. I hope I will have become rich man, so I can make him happy in his old age.  My father graduated his study at Imam Bonjol Islamic Institute. That’s why, beside become a civil servant he also give his knowledge about islam to people by become a Islamic missionary or in my town called “buya” or “ustadz” in bahasa. He also join to a islamic organization like Muhammadyah, and today he is a chairman of Muhammadyah at branch level in Payakumbuh. My father is a patient people, so I learn how to become a patient people from him. Then, my mother name is Turesmi. She is a teacher of a junior high school in my town. She is 54th years old, was born two years after my dad. My mom is very good chef, especially for padang’s food. I think she is the best for making rendang in West Sumatera. Recently, my mom often phones me, ask about my last project. Indirectly, ask me in order graduated my study. Hmm, I gotta push myself hard.

Next, I will tell you about my brother and my sister. I have two brothers and one sister. I’m the third child in my family. The first brother is working at a Japan’s company in Jakarta. His name is Ryan Novianto He was born on September 21st 1983. He graduated his study three years ago from Machine Engineering Department, ITS. He is still single.  Sometimes, if my money is almost exhausted, I will phone him. After that, I got solution for my problemJ. Another brother is also work in Jakarta. His boarding house is near from the first brother. His name is Rizki Hidayat. He was born a years after the first brother, on November 14th 1984. He works at Indofood Company. Two years ago, he was a student at Chemical Engineering Department of UGM. Different with me, he is very handsome boy. That’s why, when he was still a student, he was ones of play boy in his faculty. But, now I hope he was “insyaf” and become a trusty man. Last, my younger sister’s name is Revina Putri Utami. She was born on May 31st 1996. She is a student at Senior High School in my town. She is in the first grade now. Because the youngest in my family, she is a spoiled girl. If she grows up later, she wants to be a doctor. I hope she won’t change her whishes. So, if there is someone in family is sick later, we will get free treatment from her.

Actually, I have two grandparents, too. But, two of them have passed away and another grandpa isn’t live with us. I also have many uncles, aunts, cousins, and my nephews. Actually, I want tell you about them. Unfortunately, this paper is limited.

OK, that’s all about me and my family. Thank you very much for your attention.


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