Planning Your Life For A Better Future

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello everybody. I hope you will be OK and there is not a trouble in your life. I will start my writing with give you analogies. First, it’s about a ship. Have you taken a ship? I thing most of you have done it. Because our country consist of many island, so to move one island to the other island we need to take a ship, except you go by plane. Ok, do you know? Before it set sail, what should be prepared by ship crew? He must have a navigation to guide the ship to the true destination. You can imagine, if there isn’t a navigation how does the ship sail? The ship will be influenced easily by the wind, so need very long time till to the destination, even never arrive.

The second analogy is about a building. What should we do before build a building or house or tower something like that? We need a sketch first. So, good or bad your house depend on its sketch, if its sketch is good, there is a possibility to get a good house, but if your sketch is bad, so very impossible to get good house or good building.

Ok, same with our life, if you don’t have a navigator, you will need a long time to reach your dream or get what you want to be. So, you need a navigational aid in your life, and your “life plan” is your navigation in your life. Then, for the building, the building is your life, and the sketch is your life plan. If you have a bad life plan, you must get your life is bad.

So, the key word is “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

I have explained you about the important to prepare your life, for planning your life. The next, if we have known about how important it is, what will should we do the next is how we make a life plan.

  • First, analyze yourself. You can use SWOT analysis. For what, to know your competents, your capacities, your opportunities, and your weaknesses, too. These are necessary to determine goal of your life or your dream.
  • Second step, determine your goal, what do you want to be? Base on your analyze of your life. What is good life goal like? It should be SMART:

S : Specific (Jelas)

M : Measurable (Terukur)

A :Acheivable (Terjangkau)

R : Reasonable (Beralasan)

T : Time Bond (Ada batas Waktu)

  • The third, after you determine your dream or your vision or what do you want to be. Next, determine step to reach it, how to get your whishes. MAKING A LIFE MAPPING
    • Take a large paper, Make 70 boxes, and give number 1-70 at the top corner. Write your dreams there base on your age
    • Take the other paper, make ten boxes. Write your plans for ten years to go. It has to follow the biggest of your dreams. Then, make five boxes for your plans for five years to go.
    • Take a paper again, make 12 boxes, give the name of month, and write your plans for 12 month to go. It must be specific, and it must has same goal to reach you’re the biggest dream
    • Take paper again, making your plan for a month to go, until you have a daily plan
    • After finish making the life plan, you will see that there isn’t something that wasting time in your life, because you know and conscious about your targets for the future, so we will try doing your life as a step to reach the biggest of your dream.

Last, something special to tell you that in planning your life, not only thinking about your need in earth, but also you must prepare your life for the end of the day (kiamat, red). Are you ready if you are dead tomorrow morning? Prepare your stock for the life after dead.

Then, when determine your dream or your target, not only for yourself, but you must also think about your service to community, because the best of someone is who give many benefit to the other people.

Ok guys, that’s all from me. I hope this little thing will give a little advantage and inspiration to you. Thank you very much for your attention. Wait the next inspiration, J.

Reference: Ibrahim, Marwah Daud. 2007. Mengelola Hidup Merencanakan Masa Depan. Jakarta: MHMMD Production.

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