Ramadhan Has Been In Front Of Our Eyes, Are You Ready?

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Alhamdulillah, thank to God that give us life until today and we hope still alive until Ramadhan for this year. Ramadhan will come in several days to go. Ramadhan is the most special month among the other months. In this month we will get “barokah”, “maghfirah”, and “rahmah”. Rasulullah said that when Ramadhan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the Devils are put in chains.  In Ramadhan, we will get more reward than the other months. “Sunah praying” is accounted same with “wajib praying” in the other month. For reading Qur’an, the reward is more than the other month. Because of that eminence, it must for us to thank to God that give us a chance to still do many “ibadah” in this month. So, the question is, how are our preparation facing this month?

Ramadhan is a special month, different with the other month. Rasulullah and his close friends had prepared for welcoming ramadhan three month before it came. Wow, what about with us? Are you ready?

Actually, Ramadhan is time for competition. So, it like with the other competition. We must prepare ourselves to pass it. We need to exercise in order win the competition. As if we know that the time for exercise should be longer than the time of the competition. If the competition, Ramadhan, is only thirty days. So, the exercise must be longer than thirty days. We can see what “sahabat” did to prepare Ramadhan. At least, they were spent three months as exercise for facing Ramadhan.

Today is five days before Ramadhan. What have we prepared? There are still five days. So, come on do what we can do for preparing this month. Ust Qardawi said that don’t left all if you can’t take all. Come on, use five days togo optimally. One of the preparations is learning about the fiqh of fasting. In order we can pass this Ramadhan well.

Before into Ramadhan, we have to do important activities. If we forget it, probably our good deed in Ramadhan won’t be accepted. How poor we are! We must apologize to our parents, to the neighbors, friends, and the others people who we making mistake to them. Then, for us, also forgive to the people who making mistake to us.

Ramadhan will be coming. Beside prepare ourselves; we must also have targets in Ramadhan this year. For examples, the target for reading Qur’an, the infaq, and the other good activities.

Ramadhan has been in front of our eyes. There is no time anymore. Prepare ourselves soon! Perhaps we can pass this Ramadhan well and to be a winner in the end of Ramadhan. What does mean the winner? The winner is someone who back to “fitrah”, clean from the sin like a baby.

Welcome Ramadhan! D-5 Ramadhan.

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